ST-PoCxB4 Series PoC-To-PoC Bridge

The Solidtronic ST-PoCxB4 Series Standalone PoC-To-PoC Bridge is designed to support the operators they are running multiple PoC channels or multiple PoC platforms for the interoperability between 2 PoC channels on same PoC platform or different PoC platforms.

It is equipped with the 4th generation Super Dynamic Intelligent Digital Tracking System(iDats-4), PoC-COS/COR PTT Control Technology, the 2nd generation Adaptive Digital Filter(ADF-2), and the Android OS with the 3rd party PoC app, brings you the fast and stable push-to-talk communication over difference PoC apps, anytime and everywhere over the world!

Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • Easy of installation by connecting the 2 different PoC bridges
  • Easy of setup and operation
  • PoC-COS/COR PTT Control Technology
  • Very fast and stable PTT exchange performance by Super Dynamic iDats-4 PTT Control Technology
  • Automatic recovery after power failure
  • Support stable bandwidth 10/100-Base-T Ethernet network connection