AirPTT RoIP Gateway

Model: RT-RoIP2-AirPTT

AirPTT is a software-based PTT (Push-To-Talk) application developed by a Korea company. It is famous in Korea and Japan to provide One-to-Many conversation to instantly send voice and text in real time for smartphones and PCs.

The RT-RoIP2-AirPTT is a standalone AirPTT to 2-way radio gateway that is a perfect solution for bridging your 2-way radio channel in AirPTT group.

The Solidtronic RT-RoIP2-AirPTT is equipped with the 2nd generation Intelligent Digital Audio Tracking System(iDats II), the Android 4.0.3 OS with pre-installed 3rd party communication app AirPTT, and powered by an ARM CPU, brings you the fast and stable push-to-talk communication between anydevice, anytime and anywhere over the world!

Key Features

  • Build-in ARM CPU standalone Radio-over-IP Network Gateway
  • Install in a second, no IT expert technique is required
  • Very easy operation
  • Very fast and stable PTT exchange performance by iDats II
  • Embedded Android 4.0.3 OS
  • Pre-installed AirPTT app
  • Support different brand and different type radios


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