RT-M6 Radio Transceiver Connection Cable

The M6 Radio Transceiver Connection Cable supports most Motorola iDEN handheld radios including but not limit to below list of models:

Single pin stereo for Nextel, Tetra: MTH650/800

NEXTEL Falcon Series: i205, i215, i250, i265, i275, i285, i305, i315, i325, i335, i355, i365, i415, i450, i465, i530, i560, i570, i576, i580, i605, i615, i670, i680, i710, i720, i730, i733, i736, i740, i760, i776, i830, i833, i835, i836, i850, i855, i860, i870, i875, i880, i890, i920, i930 ic402, ic502, ic602, ic902


RT-M6 Brochure