ST-M26-COS/COR Radio Connection Module

The M26-COS/COR Radio Transceiver Connection Module is designed to interface the baseband audio signal, PTT control signal and the COS to the Solidtronic standalone RoIP gateways. It supports most Motorola mobile radios with 26-pin accessory connector including but not limit to below models:

XPR Series: XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4380, XPR4500, XPR4550, XPR4580, XPR5350, XPR5550, XPR8300

XiR Series: XiRM8200, XiRM8220, XiRM8228, XiRM8620, XiRM8628, XiRM8660, XiRM8668

DGM Series: DGM4100, DGM6100

DM Series: DM3400, DM3401, DM3600, DM3601, DM4400, DM4401, DM4600, DM4601

MTM Series: MTM5400

DR Series: DR3000

DGR Series: DGR6175


RT-M26-COS/COR Brochure